Deadlines. Pressures. Expectations.

When we allow the dust of everyday life to settle down, a sea of possibilities emerges which we never knew existed. When we start living these possibilities, we transform into a person that we never knew we had within us. And one day, without even realising it, we turn ‘A New Leaf’.

Welcome to A New Leaf . “A New Leaf” is a unique healing and coaching platform founded by Life coach Veechi Shahi and her partners. Based in Mumbai India, the center is about bringing real change through myriad, integrated and holistic healing techniques.

A New Leaf guides you to establish Emotional Quotient and build the Spiritual Quotient, supporting you to discover your true potential, raising your consciousness & enhancing your positive energy, forever.

Life Coaching and Wellness Coaching opens you up to embrace yourself the way you are, and to go deeper into transformation.

Resilience & Stress Management workshops focus on guiding you to rise above and to stay serene in the midst of challenges – akin to a spotless lotus in a muddy pond.

Women Empowerment programs attune the modern woman to see beauty in the many choices she makes and celebrate her life every day.

Meditation sessions build awareness and enable you to emerge into your true Self.