Woman Empowerment


Femininity wields great power. When you can love yourself for who you are, all facets of life rooted in you begin to change – partner relationships, family, friends, business associates and even the larger society. As a woman, you begin to live the fine balance of softness and power, courage and fear, little-girl insecurities and wisdom. By going beyond conditioned conflicting thoughts, you experience liberation and yet come back home to your deeper self.


Reconnect with the woman within.

One of the most wonderful things about being a woman is the ability to be several things at the same time. Yet, in the melee of things to be done, you may move far away from expanding into new ways of being, living, and working. Juggling priorities, time and financial management, or deeper internal realities like relationships, confusion, guilt, beauty and sexuality – there is often a lot to live with.

With Women Empowerment close to her heart, Veechi works with women looking to step into their power, strength and potential. She helps them emerge as fabulous, loving and independent women: balancing life naturally and simply. Tuned into the playfulness of women, Dr. Veechi specialises in delivering de-stressing experiences through healing, meditation and celebration. By energising your inner strength, wisdom and intuition, she leads you to embrace your creativity, spirit and pragmatism.

Stand strong, yet feminine in the corporate world.

A New Leaf team is blessed and experienced to harness its energies and connect with modern working women. It focuses on easing their pressure of having to “think and behave like a man” to be successful in today’s business world. By facilitating women to discover their ‘inner cognitive voice’ A New Leaf unravels their true unlimited potential and secures them in their femininity.

A New Leaf looks deep into the female collective conditioning using simple tools:

  • stress management
  • art of balancing personal and professional relationships
  • meditation and relaxation
  • de-conditioning processes
  • body language and grooming
  • yoga and pranayama
  • health and nutrition

These tools infuse a deep transformation and channelise feminine energies for increased productivity and inspires women to embrace their outer and inner beauty, recognising and living their innate connection every day.