A session with Veechi is an interaction with a wise woman who becomes your angelic friend. Her learning is amalgamated hence her coaching is her own - unique, sincere and authentic. As my healer and a good friend, Veechi has been an inexplicable value-add for me spiritually. I am proud of her evolution and growth as a multi-faceted transformation coach. What truly stands out is her originality and modern approach. Focusing on "letting go" and moving forward - and really making it happen - are the highlights of my experience with Veechi & A New Leaf.

Anita Vaswani Designer Jewel Stones

As women of the world, we are happy to have been mentors to Dr. Veechi Shahi. She has also been associated with us in offering global liberation programs for women. We congratulate her for introducing the women of India to the spirit of liberation and we wish her much encouragement for her work.

Angela Maria Chiappini, Simona Marchesi Director’s of Woman’s Liberation Programme

I wanted someone smart and strong and in tune with the times, and after looking around a little, found Veechi on the net. From the first Skype call, I was convinced she was the right coach for me. She has since been a source of strength, knowledge, insight, and encouragement, and has played a huge role in helping me turn my life around. Veechi has particularly been available when I've needed her the most. She is experienced, liberated, patient, funny and interesting. She continues to challenge me to grow further, and I look forward to a continuing fruitful association.  

Chan Basavaraj IIM

We have had wonderful experience in Awarness Holidays with Veechi Shahi.These holidays are beautifully and uniquely designed to suit the likes of the whole group.With my family and friends we had a very special time filled with fun, meditation, yoga, walks ,sharing and relaxation to explore inner and outer nature.

Sanjay Sharan DGM SBI, Mumbai

I have known Veechi for over 8 years now and seen her practice and teach the fine art of refining the soul closely. It has been my privilege to know her through her work and as a dear friend now. From her basket of offerings, I recommend meditation, team building workshops, wellness programs, and all that will engage the soul and awaken our inner self. It is therapeutic and nourishing, and calms us down, giving razor-sharp focus in our worldly pursuits too.

T J Venkateshwaran Managing Director, Rian Hospitalities Pvt. Ltd

Veechi Shahi is an instinctive, sensitive & loving human being These qualities naturally filter into her work space & make her an articulate & insightful guide & Life Coach. Anyone who chooses to work with her can rest assured they are in very good hands. I am sure she will touch many lives in the most positive way

Geetu Hinduja Singer/Songwriter/Art Consultant

I first came to India over 40 years ago. Coming from America, I was well aware of women who are worthy and feel empowered. But it was years later when I met Veechi Shahi, that I found it so easy to feel at home here. The best way to respect a woman is to meet a woman that deserves respect: thank you Veechi. Share your knowledge with half a million women so that half a million men are proud to be Indian as well. Respect is a sign that one billion people are maturing... finally.

Krishna Prem Author of gee you are you

Veechi put me at ease in her very first session - far from being a stranger, a new friendship appeared out of nowhere. I opened up so much that I barely remember being so honest even to 'myself' – yet she made me feel protected. I left with a sense of being completely happy after having emptied myself completely. A 'butterfly' - that's how I would describe her spirit and her personality, and this is the essence that she brings to each session. She makes me connect with my non-judgmental, childlike, free spirited side. I always turn to her as my friend and healer.

Sarita Pereira Managing Partner, Catalyst Talent Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Veechi’s sessions are illuminating, refreshing and calming. I have undergone many one-on-one guided meditation sessions with Veechi and will continue to do so. In one word, Veechi is AUTHENTIC. She is real, practical and has held my hand through the turmoil of life. Whether it was a stand still point in my personal or professional life - she was there. Even when I was pregnant, I had a quick labour thanks to the meditations I did in my 9th month! Even as an author, whenever I am stuck, I indulge in a beautiful meditation with Veechi. It works beautifully.

Vrushali Telang Author