Veechi believes in finding inspiration in people around her and learns by sharing herself with qualified and experienced experts around the globe. Her partners include:

Peace & Management Consultant

Farida brings to the table a diverse world of experiences of 25 years. Her career began with Cadbury’s India Ltd and took her on a journey of building a regional office for a reputed organisation in talent acquisition, and amassing expertise in the retail industry as well. She has been an evangelist for human potential and has assisted various Educational and Dance institutions in fund raising, event management, International festivals, Inter School Competitions and more, while holding esteemed positions across the board of Schools. She has co-partnered in establishing TJs Brew Works, a micro-brewery with a 200-seater Restaurant in Pune that recently celebrated its first anniversary.

Farida’s myriad work is strung together by her deep love and passion for human potential. She is keen to infuse peace, joy and love into society and energise the way people work and live.

Mountaineer & Marketing Specialist

Manisha is backed by a decade-long rich experience in Sales, Marketing, Brand Management and Channel Management in IT, Telecom, Bioinformatics businesses and Education, and was one of the highest rated faculty at Institute of Technology Management, New Mumbai, and continues to be a visiting faculty across management colleges.

Manisha is responsible for structuring key processes at New Leaf. A woman of great acumen in planning and strategising, she uses her expertise to align the services of A New Leaf along with the rising demand, and employs deep thinking and strategy to optimise what is being offered.


Body work & Transformation Therapist

Mrida supports people to resolve conflicts at workplaces and their individual lives through highly-evolved techniques like corporate constellations and family constellations. A Rolfing expert for 15 years, she uses her healing touch to support her clients to unblock emotional holding patterns, reduce stress and chronic pain.

She frequently works with Osho Meditation Resorts and has been a professional across Mumbai, London and Europe. Her clientele comprises people from different parts of the world, with whom she has been sharing her work on the path of inner awareness. Her approach is simple, yet direct.

Image Consultant

An extremely successful and talented model in the heydays of the modelling industry, Coleen Khan has re-defined the meaning of beauty in her life. For her, it is all about looking within and finding the fountainhead of bliss. Entrepreneur and owner of her own Salon in upmarket Mumbai, Coleen brings her down-to-earth, grounded and simple energies to A New Leaf. She transforms each client by touching upon their incomparable inner beauty and making them live it outside.