When your wants, needs and goals attain their finest precision, your perception of life expands and you achieve more than ever

Coaching is a growth and development process that inspires you to maximise your personal and professional potential. It is an effective combination of neuroscience and management that aligns who you are with who you can be. It plays to your strengths and drives you forward, with a focus on positive change.

Coaching operates as a goal-setting and achievement partnership spanning a minimum of 3 months, between you and your coach. Together you grow with one goal in mind – accelerating your development and achieving sustainable results.

Life CoachingWellness Coaching

Explore endless aspects of yourself.

Managing life is all about taking charge – knowing more about it and learning how to manage it. Life Coaching is a methodology where you open up to the opportunity of knowing more about recurring stressful situations in your life.

As a life coach, Veechi is committed to help you enhance your work and life by supporting you to find new ways to achieve your goals. Depending on your area of focus – health, career, finance, relationship or creativity – she works to energise you to be your best. She also serves as a business coach where she listens to every day challenges and observes them. Keeping the exchange strictly confidential, she works in tandem with entrepreneurs to identify what is holding them back and gently supports them to transition through it.

She utilises a host of processes for enriching individuals. These include awareness and relaxation sessions, centring and self-knowing techniques, breathing methods, de-conditioning processes and mind mastery exercises. This not only staves off the negative effects of stress, but also ushers in positive outcomes like increased productivity, better health, a higher Spiritual Quotient and more happiness for you.

By seeing you as an equal in this journey to transformation, she partners you to:

Regular open two-hourly sessions are conducted for individuals and groups in the area of:
  • Balancing work and personal life,
  • Relationship management
  • Managing high-risk and challenging situations
  • Simplifying life and learning how to manage stress
  • Self-awareness and self-empowerment
  • Raising your Emotional and Spiritual Quotient for a fulfilling life
  • Making out-of-the-box decisions and gaining control over your life

Experience a renewed sense of strength and success.

A New Leaf is equipped and committed to achieve the goals of organisations and their human resource in a dedicated, yet effortless way. It uses life science proven techniques coupled with organic intelligence to assist transformation in people, and create a conscious corporate.


A New Leaf works on seven key dimensions of wellness including:

  •  Social
  •  Emotional
  •  Physical
  •  Spiritual
  •  Environmental
  •  Occupational


Through Wellness Coaching, A New Leaf focuses on creating the conscious corporate. Its team of experts offers a unique blend of management with meditation to people in an organisation, who in turn experience several benefits:

Immediate benefits:

  •  Time management and learning how to prioritize
  •  Increasing productivity
  •  Improving communication skills
  •  Learning how to manage urgent situations involving high risks or challenges
  •  Creating emotionally and mentally balanced individuals.

Long-term benefits:

  •  A renewed sense of skills and strengths
  •  Charting a new career path
  •  Support in making critical life decisions and gaining control over your life
  •  Feeling propelled towards achieving higher levels of success and growth
  •  Identifying core strengths
  •  Maximizing potential
  •  Raising the Spiritual Quotient for an enhanced sense of well-being

From raising productivity to better presentation to developing more confident personalities, A New Leaf offers customised programs to well-established, sunrise and niche sectors to:

  • Create well-rounded, poised professionals who take on their responsibilities with confidence and perform to their optimum potential
  • Sharpening modern professionals with higher confidence levels, better communication skills and greater productivity with an increased sense of resilience and buoyancy in life